License Agreement product titled "Royalty Free Music Pack" is granted to the purchaser with a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, non-assignable and non-transferable license for use in television production, radio or audio production, commercials, film, video, multimedia and other media projects. 

The music tracks can be used royalty free for (whether commercial or not):

- Film and Video Productions
- TV and Radio Programs
- YouTube and Internet Videos
- Corporate Videos
- Training Videos
- Tutorials
- Instructional DVDs
- Video Trailers
- Presentations
- Multimedia Projects
- Animations
- Slide-Shows
- iPhone and iPad Apps
- Computer and Video Games
- Commercials
- Advertising
- Web Applications
- Live Performances
- Theatre Plays
- Audio Books
- Podcasts
- Software Applications
- and just about any other project!*

You are NOT allowed to resell, re-license, sub-license, distribute or give away the music tracks by themselves (as-is) to other individuals or companies for their use, or claim them as yours.

Cue Sheets:
If your project is broadcast on television, cable, radio or released to theatres, broadcasters (TV stations, radio, cable networks, etc.) require programs to be delivered with a "cue sheet" stating what music has been used in the project. This is an industry standard procedure and needs to be done whether the music is royalty free or not. If your project is broadcast, you should fill a cue sheet with the playlist and submit it to Beatdock [here]. It takes only few minutes, and please note that there are absolutely no additional fees to you or the broadcaster involved with this.

Copyright Notice:
All the music is copyrighted by Don Taylor-Varrion Ltd. To protect the copyrights of the music, the music must be credited in any commercial or non-commercial project by adding the following line somewhere in your work (for example, in the credits section): "Music by Don Taylor-Varrion Ltd. - © 2004-2018".

The music tracks are licensed to you and not sold. This means that you can use them royalty free in your projects but do not own the actual copyright. Don Taylor-Varrion Ltd. retains all the publishing and production rights to the music tracks.